Saturday, November 14, 2009

Friendship Squeeze & Make New Friends

Friendship Squeeze
Have all girls and adults stand in a circle holding hands. You can do the traditional right over left crossed
arms if it is not too complicated.

Discuss the purpose and the “rules” of the squeeze, we are passing our friendship on to the next girl in the form of a gentle squeeze, reminding us that we are all connected to each other. No hard squeezes and no fake squeezes.
You may have to practice several times to get it right. You might ask the girls when they have received
the squeeze to put their right foot into the circle, or you can keep its location a secret.

You usually start the squeeze but later on you can designate a special girl to start it.
When the squeeze gets back to you, you can say “Goodnight, Daisies” or goodbye or whatever is
appropriate and release them.

Older Girl Scouts like to spin out. On the signal and still holding hands, each girl at once lifts their
crossed arms over their heads and turns facing outside of the circle, uncrossing their hands and bringing
them down by their sides. They then release hands.

Make New Friends
Make new friends, but keep the old,
One is silver and the other gold.

A circle’s round, it has no end,
That’s how long I’d like to be your friend.

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